Murray started his radio career as a late-night producer of interview shows. Eva Gabor and Virginia Graham were the people in front of those microphones. Yet, by the time he sat down at the mike on his own, he was doing all-pop (not rock) afternoon shows on WMCA.

From there, he had a brief stint on WMGM before moving to the overnight spot – right after Alan Freed – on WINS. Then, when Alan exited the station, Murray moved into the primetime position... and onto the top of the ratings list, making WINS the first rock station

to reach #1 – before the
Beatles even existed.

He started every show with a Sinatra tune.
Rallied the faithful with a thundering “Ah
bey!” And may have conceived of more
gimmicks than the rest of New York’s D.J.s
combined... no matter what Rick Sklar took
credit for... spending days broadcasting from
subways, doing a show from a fighter jet, convincing bikini clad women to appear at the

station in the middle of a blizzard, or luring so many listeners to Plum Beach that the traffic backed up past the horizon... and beyond the NYPD’s capability to handle it.